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Your dish is my command


The idea for City Barbeque was born as an invitation to all the people in the city to enjoy great barbeque- America’s food. Now serving Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia & Illinois!

Our award-winning barbeque is made with only the highest quality meats and served with our signature sauces on the side. Huge smokers are loaded daily to guarantee the very best hickory smoked, juicy, tender meat anywhere.

So if an authentic barbeque experience is what you’re after, look no further. Small groups of folks like us still believe in honoring quality, generations of tradition and true service.

We proudly dedicate our lives to the pursuit of barbeque and happiness (yes, in that order)! Visit City Barbeque at

Ruby's Chocolates

Ruby's Chocolates specializes in creating chocolate favors that are unique.  Our objective is to make your day even more special.  Our signature item is truffle cakes, which we have in 20+ flavors and can be customized to coordinate with your colors or theme.  If your looking for a dessert table that will be talk of the party we have it all!!  


Our company was born here in Cincinnati in 1870, and we have made our famous ice cream the same way ever since! You have enjoyed a scoop in a store or a pint at home, but we now offer multiple catering options option delivered to you for your wedding celebration! From our 27’ foot mobile store on wheels; that’s right, we are taking the ice cream truck to the next level, to our fantastic Sundae Service where your guests to create their own sundae masterpiece, we have a unique catering option for you! 
We look forward to being a memorable part of your wedding reception, wedding rehearsal, engagement party, or all 3!

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